Decorative Security Doors

Decorative Security Doors

Rust will never be a problem, all door inserts are gravity die cast in 100% recyclable aluminium, which is also known for its durability and strength.

The framed are constructed from extruded aluminium. To capture that added touch of personal style and individuality, we offer you a wide choice of colours in a hardy power coated finish.

Naturally, the power coating is covered by a 24-month guarantee. To extend the life of the surface we recommend doors should be washed down regularly especially in salt water environments.

Mesh Types

Heavy duty insect mesh. Recommended for steel door range and high traffic areas (black only).

Limit vision mesh – allows a view out while restricting view in (may not be effective in some installations). Available in matching or contrasting colours. (colours limited)

Aluminium Wire
A versatile metal mesh that lets in light and air and can be seen through easily much like the fibreglass mesh only this mesh may kink very easily.


12 Month warranty on construction/finish/installation/lock. Adjustments to the fit of the door and operation of lock due to house movement are not covered under warranty. Tampering with lock, misuse and claims due to lack of maintenance are excluded from warranty. Tarnishing of brass and chrome locks are excluded from warranty. Maintenance: all powder coated products should be washed with warm, soapy water regularly. In coastal areas wash at least once a week.

Door Configurations

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