About Decosplash

Imagine a tile splashback that is easy to clean, a glass splashback that is easy to install or a marble splashback that doesn’t cost a fortune.
A one of a kind aluminium splashback system, DecoSplash offers total creative freedom in your kitchen, bathroom and laundry. Choose from 100+ designs and images from the DecoSplash range or use your own.

  • Hygienic and easy to clean: no grout lines!
  • Creative freedom: choose from a range of decorative finishes or use your own custom image
  • Kitchen safe: disperses heat easily
  • Durability: a hard-wearing finish that will never rub or peel off
  • Versatility: use in the kitchen, bathroom or as a wet area lining for residential and commercial applications
  • More affordable than glass, quartz or marble splashbacks
  • Easy to install: lightweight DecoSplash is adhered to your wall following our simple instruction guide

DecoSplash is a DecoArt product.

Call us for more information or to organise an obligation free quote. Alternatively, once you know the size and colour you need, feel free to send through the details and we will prepare your product for collection.


How is DecoSplash made?

DecoSplash is a solid, 2mm thick aluminium flat sheet with a highly durable, decorative powder coating.

DecoSplash is made using a process called photo imaging.
1. Aluminium is powder coated with a highly durable polyurethane finish.
2. The selected image, pattern or design is placed against the coated aluminium and oven-baked.
3. The image is sublimated into the powder coated layer and baked on for maximum durability.

The DecoSplash process is patent pending.

How precise is the image transfer?

If the image provided is of high quality, the end result will be too. The DecoSplash process boasts photographic precision, with the ability to pick up on subtle variations in colours, such as skin tone.

What happens if I scratch DecoSplash?

The DecoSplash finish is very strong and difficult to scratch. In the unlikely event of damage to the splashback, the scratch can be polished out as you would do with a scratch on your car.

Is DecoSplash easy to clean?

DecoSplash requires very little maintenance. If your DecoSplash gets dirty, use a regular household surface spray or glass cleaner and a damp cloth to wipe over the area. This will not leave streaks like glass, and unlike tiles there are no grout lines to scrub.

Can I use DecoSplash behind a gas cooktop?

Yes, DecoSplash is made of non-combustible aluminium. The powder coated finish is unaffected by the heat from a cooktop.

Aluminium is a very good conductor of heat, so any heat generated from cooking will be quickly and evenly dispersed across the surface area of the splashback, and it will remain at a safe temperature.

Does DecoSplash get hot next to a stove?

As above, aluminium is a very good conductor of heat, so any heat generated from cooking will be quickly and evenly dispersed across the surface area of the splashback, and it will remain at a safe temperature.

Can I use DecoSplash in an outdoor kitchen?

Yes, DecoSplash is ideal for outdoor kitchens. It is unaffected by harsh weather conditions and is UV stable.

What sizes do they come in?

DecoSplash is available in a range of sizes. The minimum sheet size is 600 x 1800 mm. The maximum sheet size is 1500 x 3600 mm, however two sheets can be joined for greater height or length.


DecoSplash is available in 100+ finishes. Choose from the Catalogue or Signature ranges, or send us your own photo or design. DecoSplash is also available in plain colours. View the full DecoSplash range on the official website.

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